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Vingt Deux is a full-service creative agency. Vingt Deux has been supporting companies, brands and creators who want to take their business to the next level and into the Metaverse / Web 3.0 since 2017.

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Looking to deploy your brand on the metaverse and to mint your very own collection of NFTs? Vingt Deux is the NFT & Metaverse agency specialized in the creation and management of NFT campaigns and metaverse brand strategies.

Our in-house studio dedicated to NFTs & Metaverse projects supports companies, brands and influencers throughout all aspects of their strategy, as well as the creation of their NFT collections and promotion through all media. Be a pioneer and enter the Metaverse with Vingt Deux.

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Consulting & strategy

We accompany your brand in its digital development towards web 3.0. We design comprehensive development strategies based on all aspects and rules of the Metaverse, thus ensuring the success of your project.

Digital marketing

Take your NFT and Metaverse project to the next level. We set up specific and highly effective digital campaigns to reach your goals.

Graphic design

Got a whole universe in mind? Let’s bring it to life together. We handle every facet of the project: from the global artistic direction to the final artworks of your NFTs, lands and various visual assets.

Web development and smart contract

Our in-house blockchain experts develop the smart contract on the most appropriate blockchain network to mint your NFTs. Let us guide you in identifying the best technologies according to the specificities of your project and the scalability of your business.

motion design & vidéos

A real must-have to promote your project. Our audiovisual production team brings your project to life by animating and creating assets that will enhance your communication. These can range from motion design assets to video trailers, or even an actual movie.

Events & live-marketing

We create and manage online, offline and hybrid events: launch events, press events, or even trade fairs to promote your NFT & Metaverse project.

Our in-house Metaverse studio supports your 3.0 digital marketing strategy.

Our agency works with all kinds of metaverse and NFT projects, whether you are a brand looking to communicate on the metaverse or an NFT creator wishing to promote their project.

consulting & overall strategy for Metaverse and NFT.

NFT strategy - Metaverse strategy - Metaverse identity and design

We help brands, influencers and designers in their choice of the best Metaverse strategy in order to approach this new territory of expression in an efficient and pragmatic way. We also assist them in the creation of customized and targeted NFT collections.

your NFT collection.

NFT ads - Marketing promotion - NFT sponsoring

We help you set up a promotional plan for your NFT collection to give it the best possible visibility and ROI. We also work closely with you to highlight your NFTs in your global communication strategy.

NFT Minting
and brand awarenes on the Metaverse

Designing NFTs - Graphic standards - NFT Minting

We accompany you in the complete creation of your NFT series: we determine together the rules you want to implement on your project (variable visual characteristics...), we create all visual assets for your collection, we develop and implement the landing page on which you want to sell your NFT, and we mint your NFTs (giving it life on a blockchain).

Vingt Deux is already deploying brands by bringing them to life on various media

Our graphic design studio imagines, creates, animates and brings to life the visual worlds of brands and companies.

We have been supporting clients evolving in the crypto/NFT universe since 2017.

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NFT and brand strategy

Frequently asked questions

The metaverse or metaverse is a shared digital space that combines virtual and physical reality. In this universe, it is possible to buy, sell and use digital items, known as NFTs, which can either be certified digital copies of existing products in the real world, or new virtual creations. NFTs are a form of ownership in the metaverse and will offer many more features in the future.

The metaverse is both a new space for brands to express themselves and to experiment with new forms of communication with consumers. NFTs and the metaverse offer endless opportunities to reimagine virtual experiences, create new communities, innovate in the virtual experience of physical goods, and enrich the understanding of buyer behavior.

Vingt Deux accompanies you and takes care of everything: from graphic creation to technical aspects, through communication, distribution and marketing on NFT exchange platforms. We take care of everything. From the idea to the marketing and distribution, we accompany your NFT creation project from A to Z.

Both technologies are safe and relevant choices for deploying an NFT. Solana has become the most active and popular platform in less than two years and is now one of the most serious competitors to Ethereum, the historical and still dominant technology. Solana is largely favored for its speed of execution and low cost. There are also other solutions than these two to deploy your NFTs. The Cardano blockchain for instance, which is highly efficient and popular with developers and users – or Ronin, which is one of the main NFT networks.

Il existe également d’autres solutions que ces deux là pour déployer ses NFT. On peut ainsi citer la blockchain Cardano très performante et plébiscitée par les développeurs et ses utilisateurs ou encore Ronin qui figure dans le top 3 des réseaux NFT.

It refers to the ability for users to win tokens, crypto-currencies or NFTs by participating in games. These assets can then be traded and sold, providing an opportunity for speculation. This system is mainly applied to the gaming industry, but is increasingly expanding to other applications. Play-to-earn now offers interesting opportunities for brands to exploit to attract new targets.