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Take your brand into the Web3 and build the futur of marketing for your brand. Our Web3 marketing agency has been supporting companies, brands and designers who want to propel their image into web3 and through blockchain technology since 2017.

We help clients in the Web3/crypto/NFT universe since 2017

Expand your brand into the web3, create an NFT, get into the metaverse, create a new brand experience and delight your customers

Do you want a new experience for your customers by deploying your brand on the metaverse? Do you want to create your NFT collection and get into the metaverse? Vingt Deux is a Web3 agency specialized in creating and managing your NFT campaign and web3 brand strategy.

We believe in the power of technology and decentralization. Our in house studio dedicated to Web3, NFT and metaverse helps companies, brands and influencers in their marketing strategy, the creation of their NFT collection and the promotion of their blockchain products.

Vingt Deux,
a digital Web3 marketing and strategy agency

Web3 marketing strategy

Give your customers a unique experience. We help your brand in its digital evolution towards web 3.0.
We create the best Web3/NFT marketing solution for your brand. 

Digital marketing

Building together the good web3 strategy and reach your target audience using multiple digital channels, such as search SEO, social media, content marketing, SEM and display advertising. Try, test, and increase traffic, conversions, and revenue. 

2D & 3D media

Our studio gives life to the universes coming from your imagination.
We create your NFT, your land & your visual assets from the artistic direction of the series to the realization of the visuals you need for your campain.

Product development

Our blockchain experts develop the smart contract on the appropriate blockchain to mint your NFT. We bring you our expertise in the choice of the most adapted technologies to your needs and to the scalability of your project.

Trailer & Video

Bring life to your projet. Our motion designers and content creators will bring your project to life, animate and produce media to promote your project sur as trailers, motion design and animations.

PR Strategy

Give your web3 project the attention it desserves threw the power of influencers and press relations. Our team will lead for you your influence strategy.

Our in-house web3 studio will helps you in your NFT & metaverse strategy

Our agency supports metaverse and NFT projects whether you are a brand that wants to communicate about the Web3, Metaverse or an NFT creator who wants to promote it project.

NFT strategy – metaverse strategy – metaverse graphic charter

We assist brands, influencers and designers in choosing the best metaverse strategy to adopt in order to approach this new territory of expression in an efficient and pragmatic way. We also assist them in the strategy and creation of adapted and targeted NFT collections.

NFT Ads – NFT Digital Acquisition – NFT Sponsoring

We build together the GO to market plan of your NFT collection to give it the best visibility and the best ROI possible. We help brands to integrate NFT in their marketing strategy.

2D and 3D NFT creation – NFT Mint


We think and create your NFT collection, we develop the landing page on which you want to sell your NFT, and we realize the mint of your NFT.

Our team creates a customised ideation workshop to help you to analyse the impact of Web 3.0 on your business. We help you to identify the most interesting opportunity for your business.

The strategic team of our Web 3.0 studio accompanies you and your teams in the acculturation to blockchain technologies, so that you can better understand the context in which this major technological evolution takes place. 


This technological change includes many notions such as DAO, blockchain, cryptomoney, Play2Earn, NFT… 


Our Web 3.0 training allows you to understand these key concepts in order to identify the opportunities for your business.

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NFT and branding
Frequently asked questions

Metaverse is a shared digital space that combines virtual and physical reality. In this universe it is possible to buy, sell and use digital items, non-fungible tokens, which can be certified digital copies of existing products in the real world or new virtual creations. NFTs are a form of ownership in the metaverse and will offer many more features in the future.

The metaverse is both a new space for brands to express themselves and to experiment with new forms of communication with consumers. NFTs and the metaverse offer new opportunities to reimagine virtual experiences, create new communities, innovate in the virtual experience of physical goods, and enrich the understanding of buyer behaviour.

Vingt Deux takes care of everything: from graphic creation to technical aspects, through communication and distribution and marketing on NFT exchange platforms, our agency, expert in NFT, metavers and web 3.0, takes care of everything. From the idea to marketing and distribution, we accompany your NFT creation project from A to Z.

Both technologies are safe and relevant choices for NFT deployment. Solana has become the most active and popular platform in less than two years and is now one of the most serious competitors to Ethereum, the historical and still dominant technology. Solana is favoured largely for its speed of execution and low cost.

There are also other solutions to deploy NFTs than these two. For example, the Cardano blockchain, which is very efficient and popular with developers and users, and Ronin, which is one of the top three NFT networks.

It refers to the possibility for users to earn tokens, crypto-currencies or NFTs by participating in games. These winning assets can then be traded and sold, providing an opportunity for speculation. This system is mainly applied to the gaming sector, but is increasingly being extended to other applications. Play to earn now offers interesting opportunities for brands to exploit to attract new targets.

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